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Viar Presents The Karya Bit

November 23, 2014
presents the latest products motor viar Paper bits. This product forward toughness Viar Works capable of carrying freight loads with ease. The paper Bit comes with a slimmer design, ease of transmission and capable of harga ktm rc200 gallery  transporting matik stuff with agile, so it could be ridden Bit Works by women who have a business deliveries of goods.

Motor Works Bit currently bookable memalui CV. Andi Motors as main dealer Viar motor Jambi on the road, Husni Thamrin, Simpang Mall Kapok. For pemesanaan currently offered harga honda pcx 150 jakarta cheap DP promo and the installment of light.

As for the price offered is USD $ 17 million On The Road of Jambi. This is cheaper than previous Works, and Viar specifically for credit can be done through a Finace Frenz have cooperated with Viar Motor Jambi. "The units are now available in Dealer Viar, available 4 type with 4 color variants, i.e., red, blue, black and yellow," said Denny Syahputra, Chief Branch Viar Motor Jambi.

Denny mentions, the paper Bits have a 100 cc engine power, appears in the form of an underbone is equipped with a rear section with transport haulage 200 kilograms. These bits of Paper transport bathtub can be customized to the desires of consumers, can even be cleaned when dirty, because baknya can be removed. The headlights were headlight models appeared with crystal, and can be ridden for forward and backward using the four wheel car.

The prevalence of this latest Bit of Paper, add a lot of variants of the work into three options, namely works of 150, 200 and Works the latest Bit of Work, but for many models available and can be customized.

He said that the market's latest Bit of Work more geared to mothers, owing to secondary trade models such as Viar Bit motorcycle matik. "This Bit lighter Works with a length of 125x100 cm, rear tub is perfect for a business in the city. This new Bit of work there in Jambi since a week ago, "Denny imbuh.

For other specifications, the work Bit is still the same as the previous viar, like the water cooler, but more fuel efficient by comparison 1 litre for 40 kilometers with a load of 200 pounds. And to meet the demand of the Government, Viar already provides through the website offer LKPP. There are readily available, either from complete forms, variant and the price is certainly cheaper.

Denny adds, in september it would do Indonesia motor Viar touring se-Indonesia, starting from Sabang until Meroke drove 25 thousand kilometers as long as 90 days. Raider would wear the motor type Viar trel. "Until in Jambi predicted September 23, there are 4 rider with the same motor unit 4," he said.

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